The Resilience Network is comprised of licensed professionals who are committed to preventing compassion fatigue among care providers. We offer education, assessments, training, and a variety of services to prevent compassion fatigue in all it’s forms. Our team will come to your location to provide a tailored experience for your organization.

Our team is passionate about helping professionals and organizations to create a healthy workplace while overcoming adversity and secondary trauma. Combined, we have over 60 years of professional experience with both public and private organizations. We have solid professional relationships with a network of support organizations throughout the Commonwealth and across the Nation.


Our specialties include Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Trauma, Resilience, developing new programs, Homelessness, Data Collection, Facilitation, Training, and Congregate Care to include state licensing with both Social Services and Juvenile Justice.

  • We value the people we work with as much as those we work for.

  • We believe those we work with are our most valuable asset as an organization.

  • We are passionate about the importance of resilience at the individual, family, organizational, and community level.

  • We believe that open and honest communication builds the foundation of trust and leads to resilience.

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